EcoGrid gives a great hardwaring finish

A smooth and stylish finish which is quick and ecomonical to install.

EcoGrid for paths and drives

ecogrid stone resin paths and drivesEcogrid is a ground reinforcement product designed for use with Resin Bound Stone. It is made from recycled polyethylene. It is a great solution for drives and paths, even in high traffic areas like car parks. Ecogrid is an environmentally friendly alternative for use in commercial and domestic driveways and for reinforcement of roadsides, banks and slopes.

Ecogrid is a sustainable ground reinforcement tile that provides excellent water drainage. Ecogrid comes in four different sizes and three different colours. It's a brilliant alternative to concrete.

ecogrid stone resin paths and drives  It can be used on practicaly any surface.
 Easy to clean and non-puddling
 Suitable even in high traffic and commercial locations
 A seamless eye-catching modern finish
 A low maintenance solution
 EcoGrid is a low cost solution

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